SoftBDA 2017


1st International Workshop on Software-driven Big Data Analytics

Nanjing, Jiangsu, China (collocated with APSEC 2017)
4 December 2017

Please refer to the accommodation information and fill the hotel booking form by 5 P.M. on November 8 for accommodation reservation. After this time, attendees will need to find accommodations on your own.

Due to author requests and parallel workshop arrangement, the submission deadline has been extended to 22 September 2017 (AoE)!


The emerging age of big data is leading us to an innovative way of understanding our world and making decisions. In particular, it is the data analytics that eventually reveals the potential values of datasets and completes the value chain of big data. Correspondingly, big data analytics (BDA) applications have become a new instance within the software-driven world, and software engineering (SE) acts as a key to addressing the existing challenges in the BDA domain and supporting different areas and aspects of BDA practices. Meanwhile, the unprecedented challenges and requirements arisen from BDA also drive revolutionary directions and opportunities of SE.

This workshop aims to summarize the state-of-the-practice of SE for/in BDA over the past years, identify and address the emerging issues in the current empirical and theoretical research, and encourage the adoption particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. Moreover, based on the participants’ input a research agenda will be devised for continuous adaptation between SE and BDA research, and progressive alignment between academic investigations and industrial needs.